Wordpress.com vs Wordpress.org

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Do you want to start a new blog?
Are you interested to do this on wordpress?
But, you don’t have enough knowledge about two variations of wordpress: wordpress.com vs wordpress.org?

Don’t worry. Just read the article and get ready to start a new blog on the best platform of wordpress.
There are numerious platforms where you can create new blogs. Some of these platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr and etc which are very popular. You can make a blog in these platforms for your personal or business need. But wordpress is the best one for your new blog. Actually, wordpress is a CMS or Content Management System. You’ll be able to manage your blog easily in this platform. Now have a look about wordpress.

Variations of WordPress:

There are two variations of wordpress. One is wordpress.com and the other is wordpress.org. WordPress.com is free to use. So anybody can make a blog for free here. On the other hand, wordpress.org is a paid service.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org:

In the comparision wordpress.com vs wordpress.org, wordpress.org is the better because if you make a blog in this platform it will be a  self hosted blog. As wordpress.com is a free service, normally it has some lacks. Such as you can have the opportunity to choose a few amount of themes here, you won’t be able to install enough plugins which are very necessary for promoting your blog. Actually, it’s only for personal use. In other sides, wordpress.org is advanced blog making platform. As it is paid service, you’ll find here more sercices. You’ll have the opportunity to choose numerious themes and you can be able to install your needy plugins. In a word, the blogs have created here, these are very SEO ( Search Engine Optimization friendly ).

What platform is better for you:

If you want to keep your personal data or necessary infomations hosted in a blog, you should choose wordpress.com. To continue, click on wordpress.com vs wordpress.org